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The anatomy of teeth has a crown and root. The root of teeth has a pulp that contains vessels and nerves. If infection enters to pulp, it can cause inflammation of the teeth and also toothache. In this condition the tooth pulp area should be completely evacuated and filled with special materials to relieve the pain. This type of treatment can't carry out root therapy. This treatment should be done by a root specialist or Endodontist. After this remedy, tooth isn’t vital and water inside identical tubules is lost and tooth is fragile. It is recommended that endodontic teeth which have not enough residual tissue, surely cured by post and core.

It should be noted that endodontic treatment depends on the type of tooth in which single canal or multi-canal, should be performed on all canals. If one or more incomplete endodontic canals rest, it means infection stay in the canals and there is the possibility of recurrence of pain. In order to avoid rework, waste of time and cost, it is recommended that all dental treatments will be carried out by specialist of each field.

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