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The teeth are surrounded by gum tissue. Healthy gum affects the health of teeth. If there is a microbial plaque the gingival tissue becomes inflamed. Persistence of this process causes separation of gum tissue from tooth and create pocket. The periodontal pockets are the site of accumulation of germs and atrophy of bone around tooth.

دندانپزشکی - پریو

Germ gathering around of tooth lead to atrophy of bone and missing tooth. Regular use of tooth brush and floss lead to well-being of gum and avoid creating microbial plaque surround tooth.


Hygiene of natural tooth

Appropriate toothbrush:

Proper toothbrush must have small head and soft brush. In fact hard brush don’t cleanse better than soft one although damage gum and cause attrition of teeth, atrophy of gum and sensitivity.

Appropriate toothpaste:

The main function of toothpaste is to clean the ingredient of tooth. It contains freshener and tasty material for good smell of oral cavity and also it contain fluoride that cause increasing strength of enamel to decays. Different types of toothbrush are available in market. In normal people without dental sensitivity it is better to use a toothbrush with medium abrasive smokers must use special one with high abrasive and finally people with dental sensitivity use less abrasive one,

Appropriate techniques for tooth brushing:

Place toothbrush at 45-degree angle to the gum. It brushes face to gum groove, totally all surfaces of tooth (outer, inner and chewing surface) with toothbrush and proximal must cleans by floss.

For brushing inner surface of incisor teeth, put brushes vertically on tooth and gently move brush rotationally also same process will apply for chewing surface.

If people have actually been brushing their teeth in the wrong way, it couldn’t be helpful for sanitary of mouth. It is better use tooth brush several times in day in proper manner and all surface (after meal and before sleeping).

 Electronic toothbrush:

Electronic toothbrushes are available in the market that has same function like regular one. This type of toothbrush is special for people with lower manual abilities like children and elderly people.

مراقبت از دندانها - مسواک برقی


Floss is one of the most important hygienic equipment. Toothbrush without use of floss means not cleansing proximal surface of tooth that have food impaction lead to tooth decay.


Mouthwashes in special cases should be prescribed. If use regularly it could interrupts normal flora of oral cavity.

Hygiene of dental implant

When implants are inserted into the mouth, its surface should be kept clean. Several tools help to clean the prosthesis and implant abutments such as ordinary electric interdentally tooth brush and super floss.

Interdentally toothbrush:

It is a type of toothbrush designed for better access and cleans the base of implant and between the teeth, they are available for spaces with varying size and with gently forward and back movement which is done repeatedly between the teeth performs cleaning.

بهداشت دندان های ایمپلنت

Super floss:

This type of dental floss is compound of three parts, one head is a stiffened-end threaded that can be thrown out under the crowns and fixed bridges, other part is spongy for cleaning bases of implant and last part regular floss which ideal for natural teeth.

Dental water jet (Aqua pick):

An oral irrigator is recommended for hygiene of dental implant. Of course this equipment couldn’t replace super floss but it can remove plaques and debris and also good tools for massage gum.

Hygiene of implant-based over denture:

Implant-based overdenture consists of bases inside oral cavity and some pieces on dentures. It should be noted that the bases of over dentures in the mouth must be brushed carefully by low abrasive materials tooth paste. Removable denture must be clean outside of tooth by denture toothbrush and dishwashing liquid. It should be noted that it is forbidden to use toothpaste for cleaning denture because it lead to attrition of teeth on denture.
Patients must get out the denture from mouth at night and put them inside a bottle of water. In case of mass and sedimentation on dentures it is possible to use denture cleaning agents which available in pharmacy or use colorless vinegar. If use vinegar, patient can put denture on it for several hours and brush it with toothbrush.
Patients with dental implants should consult a prosthodontist periodically to control their implant status.


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