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The amount of human being teeth are 32. The anatomy of teeth consists of crown and root. Crown involves enamel and dentine. Decay will begin from enamel and extend to dentine. Sometimes it seen that small decay leads to big cavity or observed in the pulp.

Usually the teeth that have caries are more sensitive to coldness, hotness and sweetness. It is better that all patients consult a dentist every six months to check up their dental health.

Amalgam Restoration:

This type of treatment will do in posterior teeth. Restoration will perform by metal. High strength against chewing power is its benefits but because of the lack of esthetic must patients be reluctant to this treatment. Another disadvantage of this treatment is the presence of mercury in restorative materials that is poison.
Today in most of developed countries use of amalgam is forbidden.

Composite Restoration:

Composites are tooth-colored Materials that suitable for posterior and anterior teeth. A remarkable point in this treatment is very significant polishing.

In this case if the patients tend less to drink tea and coffee, the chances of staining will be decrease.

ترمیم پوسیدگی دندان

Composite restoration between maxillary central teeth


کامپوزیت همراه با ترمیم دندان

Veneer composite with proximal restoration


Composite veneer:

This treatment will perform in anterior teeth. A coating of composite material is added to enhance the aesthetic with special techniques on the tooth. This treatment is applied to close gap (diastema), dental staining and flattening of teeth.

اصلاح فرم دندان

Restoration of diasmeta and formation of peg lateral with veneer composite

Veneer porcelain:

This type of treatment is specialized for incisor teeth. Usually impressions are made from teeth then beautiful porcelain is made in laboratory. In the clinical mission, these laminate are cemented in tooth socket. This treatment is useful for patients with diastema, amelogemesis imperfecta. Difference of this treatment with composite veneer is in its esthetic. Surly porcelain laminate is more beautiful but by face to cracking, it must be re fabricated.

بازسازی دندانها

Patients with amelogenesis imperfect hat restored with porcelain laminate

Diastema Restoration:

Patients with gap between teeth (diastema) can be cured by porcelain laminate and veneer composite.

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