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Nowadays having good relationships is the basis of success. Smile plays a key role in creating a beautiful and attractive image that can build good and successful relations. In addition, smile shows a sense of self-confidence that turns people into reliable person. Esthetic and charm of smile is the wealth of succeeded people.

Smile, a person’s ability to express a range of emotions with the structure and movement of the teeth and lips, can often determine how well a person can function in society.

دندانپزشکی - طرح لبخند

Smile design depends on the evaluation of different parameters such as:

Symmetry of face and its compounds
Lips coincide
Tooth relations
Amount of tooth which appear in smiling
Gummy smile during smiling
Color of gum and their healthiness

دندانپزشکی - طرح لبخند

The most important principle in smile designing is the amount of visibility of tooth, angle of teeth positioning, interdentally embrasure, interdentally papilla, correlation line of adjacent teeth.

طرح لبخند

طرح لبخند

Today smile design software has a wide usage for precise evaluation before prosthesis.  

دندانپزشکی زیبایی - طرح لبخند

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