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Posts and crowns:
Usually endodontic tooth needs posts and core for restoration. There are different types of posts are selected depend on the amount of residual tissues.
The most common method is fabricating impression post from inside tooth canal and create model. In final steps the post will cement inside tooth socket and make impression .longevity of endodontic tooth which doesn’t have enough dental tissue will increase by this method. These posts can ne casted with a variety of precious alloys 

Fabrication of post y duralay techniques for anterior teeth

Nowadays with the wide application of dental implants, bridge is used less. This medical plan is a fixed dental restoration used to replace a missing tooth or several teeth by joining an artificial tooth permanently to adjacent teeth or dental implant.
All ceramic crowns:

Today with a great tendency to cosmetic demands for all ceramic crowns especially in anterior tooth increased. With developing of science and technology all kind of ceramic crowns with different degree of strength and beauty are available.
These crowns are more expensive than PFM crowns.

Restoration with zirconium crowns in maxilla and porcelain laminate in mandible

 Porcelain Laminate:
Dental laminate are wafer-thin shells made out of dental ceramic that are bonded onto the front side of tooth. They apply as correction of contour, contact and color of teeth. This treatment in twice meeting will be done. Patients must be diligent n maintaining and protecting of their laminate breaking seeds or tapping with spoon leads to laminate cracking.


Patient with amelogenesis imperfecta that restored by porcelain laminate


 Porcelain Inlay and Onlay:
Inlay, Onlay and Endocrowns are esthetic restoration that they also retain the remaining tissue of teeth. These type of treatment prescribed for posterior tooth which require extensive restoration (e.g. composite restoration) or endodontic tooth with proper tissue.



Maryland Bridge:
A Maryland bridge consists of a metal framework with a porcelain tooth baked onto the front of framework. It used as temporary treatment for anterior tooth of mandible and lateral tooth of maxilla.

Restoration of teeth with Maryland Bridge

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